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 Te Tapuwae o Rakau Trust

The  Te Tapuwae o Rakau Trust (The Tree Footprints Trust) was established in 2017 to develop and implement a structured approach to replanting trees on the Port Hills, repairing damage left by Canterbury’s earthquakes and the recent Port Hills fires.


 The essence of this trust is to foster collaboration and cooperation with the plethora of organisations and groups currently involved in the care and conservation of the Port Hills. 

To date, there seems to be no overall coordinated cultural or ecological plan to replant the Port Hills. It is imperative that there is a more structured approach.

Te Tapuwae o Rakau Trust will assist in the coordination of the many already established organisations who are dedicated to the return of natural flora and fauna to the Port Hills.

Our Mission


The trust will work with private landowners, Ngāi Tahu, central and local government, community groups and individuals to carry out a planned cultural and ecological reforestation programs. Its aim will be to not only coordinate restoration of areas devastated by fire and earthquake but, ultimately, to go further by planting new areas on private and public land.

The Port Hills environment has been significantly altered during the 180 years since early colonisation within Lyttelton Harbour and Christchurch and very few substantial areas of native flora remain.

Earthquakes and fire have left areas of dangerous rock exposure and swathes of blackened and bare land.

This needs to be restored for the health of the land, to prevent erosion and soil run-off into our streams and harbours, and to prevent an explosion of introduced weeds across these cleared areas which could become a new fire hazard.

This presents us with a remarkable opportunity to reinstate the natural native flora environment of the Port Hills, and with it, the return of native birds, insects and reptiles.

Trustees & Consultants 

Sam Eames


David Drayton


Phillip Duval JP LLB MRSNZ MinstD



Nuk Korako


Alice Tiso


Mitch van Eekelen


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